Point-and-Chat®: Talking Email, Instant Messaging, and Twitter

for users of Augmentative and Assistive Communiciation (AAC) devices from Point-and-Read, Inc.

Point-and-Chat® is software for a Windows® PC. It leverages an AAC user's existing communications skills with simple to use talking email, talking instant messaging, and talking twitter. So that if you could say it with AAC software, you could send it as text over the Internet.

How? When an AAC user interacts with AAC software to produce computer generated speech, that user is really creating text objects that the computer's software reads out loud. Point-and-Chat® took those text objects, displayed them in a low cognitive load interface, and made it easy for the user to send them - either as an email, instant message, or tweet. When a recipient of the electronic communication returned a text message, Point-and-Chat® displayed the text in its own interface and the computer's software read that text aloud.

We worked with the Saltillo Corporation to ensure that Saltillo's AAC software worked well with Point-and-Chat®. The most recent version of Point-and-Chat® worked"out of the box" with Saltillo's TouchChat™ (Windows® Editor). Point-and-Chat® worked with other AAC software, but required a helper program and some changes to vocab files.

Click here to Download a 30 Day Free Trial - (Not updated since 2011. Not tested on latest updates to Windows.)

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