Point-and-Chat®: Talking Email, Instant Messaging, and Twitter

for users of Augmentative and Assistive Communiciation (AAC) devices from Point-and-Read, Inc.

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Point-and-Chat is the name of three different electronic communications programs: an instant messaging (IM) program, an email (Mail) program, and a twitter (Twitter) program. The Point-and-Chat IM program could also send SMS text messages to many cell phones and receive text messages sent by them.

You must download and install each of them separately. The three programs can work together, but each will also work even if the others are not installed.

Point-and-Chat programs are designed to run on Windows computers and will not work on a Mac. For additional requirements, click here. The programs have not been updated since 2011. They have not been tested with recent Windows versions and updates.

All Point-and-Chat programs are easy to learn for users of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices, because Point-and-Chat works with input screens and devices familiar to AAC device users. For list of input software and devices click here.

Download instructions

  1. Download each zip file to your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer.
  2. Then use Windows Explorer to find the downloaded zip file.
  3. Then right click on the file. From the pop-up menu, choose "Extract All" files.
  4. Optional: When you are done extracting, the original downloaded zipped files can be deleted.
  5. When you are done extracting, display the extracted ("unzipped") files and click on "SetupPnC**.exe".
  6. Optional: After installation, the "unzipped" setup files can be deleted.

This process will install each Point-and-Chat program on your computer and put a shortcut onto your computer desktop.

Download files

Point-and-Chat IM: Download this file PnCIM-trial-0106.zip (42.1 MB) The shortcut icon is a smiley face talking. Don't forget to sign up for an AIM screen name if you don't already have one. For a free AIM screen name, go to www.aim.com.

Point-and-Chat Twitter: Download this file PnCTwitter-trial-0106.zip (39.1 MB) The shortcut icon is a blue bird. Don't forget to sign up for a Twitter screen name if you don't already have one.

Point-and-Chat Mail: Download this file PnCMail-trial-0106.zip (40.1 MB) The shortcut icon is a flying envelope.

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