Point-and-Chat®: Talking Email, Instant Messaging, and Twitter

for users of Augmentative and Assistive Communiciation (AAC) devices from Point-and-Read, Inc.

Point-and-Chat will take text input from a variety of sources including:

As other devices and software are found compatible with Point-and-Chat programs, they will be listed on this page.

This free Point-and-Chat download does not include a copy of DesktopChat or TouchChat. You can purchase TouchChat at Saltillo's e-store. Point-and-Chat does not need DesktopChat or TouchChat for Point-and-Chat to work with the other software and stand-alone devices listed above.


Additional Instructions

This website has instructions for using Point-and-Chat with specific stand alone AAC devices, including a ChatBox 40 XT, a DynaVox Series 4 device, and a DynaVox Series 5 device. These device specific instructions, called "integration kits", can be found at Integration Kit webpage.

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