The face of a cat and bones beneath it, arranged like a pirate skull and cross bones symbol

Fat Cat Pirate Chat

The Buccaneers Riposte

a product of Point-and-Read, Inc.

How is Fat Cat Pirate Chat helping others?

We research and develop assistive technology for people with disabilities. Some of these disabilities include vision limitations, mobility limitations, and hand motor control limitations – disabilities that many pirates acquired. Peg legs, eye patches, and prosthetic hooks-for-hands were the assistive technologies that pirates used.

The assistive technology that we are currently developing is communication software for people who cannot speak, who have difficulty speaking, or who have multiple disabilities that make using computers and communication software difficult. (See our assistive technology webpage.) Though Fat Cat Pirate Chat is entertainment software, it is an off-shoot of our research into helping people with these disabilities engage in face-to-face and electronic conversations. We are developing a more general, editable version of this software for the folks with these disabilities. But some of them can enjoy Fat Cat Pirate Chat just as it is.

By purchasing Fat Cat Pirate Chat, you are helping fund our research and development efforts.

Interestingly, pirates are one of the few pop culture icons who have disabilities without compensating superpowers. Instead, they, like real people with disabilities, must rely on grit and a positive attitude to get by.

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