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International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day is Sept. 19 every year.

The original Talk Like A Pirate Day website, from the folks who started it all, John Baur and Mark Summers: See their links to Fat Cat Pirate Chat at and

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"International Talk Like a Pirate Day … will be even more fun this year with the just released Fat Cat Pirate Chat available on iTunes. … it is hilarious, [plus] the technology behind it is being tested and used to help people with speaking disabilities communicate."– Dain Binder’s Technology Blog:

Jane Farrall reviews all of our apps. She describes both their intended limitations and their unique strengths: "[T]hese clever apps … get us to think outside the box in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). ...[T]hey are clever apps that have a valuable place in the options available to us." – Jane’s Blog:

"A bounty of pragmatic practice and high seas hijinx! Practice turn-taking and having conversations pirate style." - Elizabeth Vosseller, MA, CCC-SLP of Growing Kids Therapy Center:

Kate Ahern reviewed a handful of our Fat Cat apps on her blog. She found them fun and useful, as well as conversation extenders. - Kate Ahern in her blog on Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs

"Awesome! I've upgraded already and was able to insult my spouse in new ways! Thanks for a great app - and it's beautifully done."– Deb S.

"Cool ... A fun and valuable app. ... And I'll show to my kids!"– Dennis Lembree:

"I love it!!!!! I am going to Tweet about it and put it on all my facebook groups to share the word."– Charlene Cullen, Speech Language & AAC Consultant, Spectronics, Australia

"THANK YOU for making something so funny and whimsical for kids! My daughter has Fat Cat Chat on her iPod and iPad. MUCH more entertaining than her other AAC apps!" Erin S.

"your program is great and the AT-take on pirates is genius!"– Jeff Higginbotham, Ph.D., University at Buffalo. See also his posting on TechWatch at AAC-RERC

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