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Fat Cat Pirate Chat

The Buccaneers Riposte

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How to send piratical e-text. Arr!

There be two basic ways to send electronic pirate chat. You can add the text you have created in Fat Cat Pirate Chat to another application, or you can send text more directly from Fat Cat Pirate Chat itself.

1) Pasting buccaneering banter into another app: Everything in the Pirate Chat textbox is automatically put into your device’s pasteboard, so you can paste it into any other app that takes text. However, pasting does not clear the pasteboard or the Pirate Chat textbox.

2) Clearing the textbox: A two-fingered tap on the Pirate Chat text box will clear it. You can also tap the gear icon and then tap “Clear display”.

3) Adding additional banter to the textbox: A one-fingered tap on the text box will bring up a keyboard. This way you can add words, phrases, or punctuation before pasting or sending a message. However, these additional words and phrases will not be spoken aloud.

4) Sending text “directly” from Pirate Chat: To send the contents of the textbox, just tap the send button. (The send button is part of both the regular interface and the keyboard interface.) Then choose where you want to send the text. You can send it as a Tweet, E-mail, Instant Message, or Text/SMS – or you can send it to another Fat Cat Chat app for additional text. Fat Cat Pirate Chat will automatically bring up the right app - at least if you have it installed on your device. In some cases, Pirate Chat will have automatically pasted your message into the new app, so you then just have to tap “send”.

Note, some apps will not let Fat Cat paste the text directly into them, so when the app comes up, you may have to do the pasting manually. For manual pasting, just hold your finger on a text entry box for a moment, until you see the “magnifying glass” pop up. Then, lift your finger and the select and paste commands will appear. Then tap paste.

Note, some apps may let you add additional text to the message from their keyboard, but might not let you get additional text from the rest of the Pirate Chat interface.

Also note, some people have more than one app for each of these different types of electronic messages, so the first time you try to send a message, Pirate Chat may ask you to choose which app you want to use. You can also configure this in the setting menu.

In many cases, opening up the other app will also clear the Pirate Chat textbox.

So now ... if'n ye be stranded or marooned, ye can send a message in an electronical bottle to yer mates.

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