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Fat Cat Snappy Chat

a product of Point-and-Read, Inc.


All Fat Cat apps are now connectable – even though you purchase and install them separately!

We spent six months pioneering technology that allows apps to interact with each other. And we just spent another six months maiking it easier to use and customize.

This technology allows you to switch from one Fat Cat app to another without using the physical Home button on your device. Just use the Send button within the Fat Cat app. (The Home button is sometimes blocked to prevent users from running other apps on the device.) This connectability also allows you to create a text message using several different Fat Cat apps.

If you have been regularly using your Fat Cat apps, the first time you run a new Fat Cat app the connections may be made automatically. If not, here is what you do.

1) Make sure all your Fat Cat apps have the latest updates.
2) Open all your Fat Cat apps (don’t turn any off).
3) Open all of them again.

That’s it for Android. For Apple it's only the first half of it, because you can now edit the transfer page.

The procedure above will make the apps aware of each other. Now you just have to make sure that they show up on the transfer page where you want them. (The transfer page shows when you push the send button in the taskbar.) Here are the steps for editing the transfer page.

1) Enable editing. Open the General Settings app on the desktop. Go to the particular Fat Cat app, and mke sure that "Allow Editing" is turned on.
2) Go into editing mode. Ope the particular Fat Cat app for which you are editing the transfer page. Tap the Gear button on the task bar, then tap Settings. Scroll down and make sure that both editing buttons are turned to "on". Then tap Done.
3) Now edit the transfer page. Tap the Send button on the top taskbar. Press any button or outline of a button. A scrollable list of Fat Cat apps will appear. Chose the one you want to put in that space on the transfer page (or select None, or press Cancel).
4) Finish up. When you are done making edits, then go back tap the Gear button, tap the Settings button, and turn the bottm editing buttonoff. If you want to "lock" these changes in, you can turn the top editing button off as well. (You can always go back to the Genral Settings app, then turn allow editing on again.)

That's it.

With the new transfer page, you might allow only certain apps to connect to certain others. You might not want any apps connecting toemail, instant messaging or Twitter. You might want to arrange the transfer pages in allyour apps so that they look the samae, or certain apps are grouped together. It's your choice, and we support it.

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