The face of a smiling orange cartoon cat, with a human-like hand outstretched in the foreground, making a snapping motion

Fat Cat Snappy Chat

a product of Point-and-Read, Inc.

How to talk like a kid.

Fat Cat Snappy Chat is not just about using some slang to start a conversation, but about keeping the conversation going. And that trick is very much about providing the verbal equivalent of gestures - gestures like nodding in agreement when someone is talking to you.

We organize our phrases around 10 types of physical gestures, such as nodding yes, shrugging your shoulders, or waving hello. The app uses illustrations of these gestures to help you navigate to a page filled with a variety of phrases that convey the same thing as that gesture.

a cartoon cat head, with up and down arrows, indicating it is nodding its head

For example, pressing the button with a picture of a head nodding up and down will navigate to a screen with positively reinforcing phrases like, "yeah", "way to go", and "brilliant".

Pressing the button with a picture of a head shaking back and forth will also navigate to a screen of phrases. All these phrases indicate that you know what you just heard wasn't such a good thing to have happened. You'll find phrases like "not a chance" or "gag me with a spoon".

a cartoon cat head, with left and right arrows indicating that it is shaking its head

For purposes of conversational response, it doesn't really matter which phrase (or combination of phrases) you chose from any particular "gesture" screen to represent the emotive feedback associated with that gesture. But how you string them together does show your linguistic sensibilities -- or whatever.

If this sounds confusing, just watch the videos.

While we don't have a free version of Snappy Chat, we do have a free basic version of Fat Cat Pirate Chat that works the same way. So ... if the videos are not clear and self-explanatory, download the free basic version of Fat Cat Pirate Chat and try it yourself.

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