The face of a smiling orange cartoon cat, with a human-like hand outstretched in the foreground, making a snapping motion

Fat Cat Snappy Chat

a product of Point-and-Read, Inc.

All kids (and adults) are interested in "bad" words. From "boogers" to "poopy" to worse. It's how kids learn about the gross stuff -- and about boundaries and the responsible use of language.

This version of Snappy Chat includes three phrases that might be unsettling to some children or considered inappropriate by some parents. So there is an option in the general "Settings" utility to use the "cleanest" phrases by picking the 4+ Age setting.

The improper phrases are "pee in your pants", "oh poopy", and "freaking spiders". Choosing the 9+ Age setting will substitute those phrases for "hello?!", "duh!", and "ouch!". Remember, though, that learning to talk responsibly requires giving people the opportunity to speak at least somewhat improperly.

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