Point-and-Read® Talking Browser

You are welcome to read about the Talking Browser before you install it.  But you must install the software to have the Talking Browser read web pages to you.


What is the Talking Browser?

A Talking Browser, or screen reader, will read web pages using computer synthesized speech.  The Talking Brower made by Point-and-Read, Inc. has special "point-and-read" features to make it easy to use.

What makes the point-and-read features of the Talking Browser so easy to use?

It's easy to find what you want the computer to read.  As you move the computer pointer (or cursor), the computer highlights the sentence or object that the cursor is pointing to.

It's easy to make the computer read a sentence.  Just put the computer pointer over a sentence and keep it still for about a second.  The computer will read the sentence out loud.  You point, the computer reads. No clicking is necessary.

It's easy to trigger links, push buttons, or activate controls.  After the computer reads the link, button, or control, just keep the computer pointer there for another second. The computer will trigger the link or push the button for you.  No clicking is necessary.  But if you like clicking, you can trigger links or push buttons by clicking on them, instead of waiting for the computer to do it.

Click here, to read more about special features in Point-and-Read®.

What does the Point-and-Read® Talking Browser look like?

We've taken a picture of what the Talking Browser looks like.  Click here to see the picture.

We've made a video showing the Talking Browser in action.  Click here to see the video.

Where do I find out more about the Talking Browser?

You can click here for more answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  You can also find more information at the Talking Browser Website, or consult the Talking Browser readme file. Read the Talking Browser's Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.

How do I install the Talking Browser?

Install the Point-and-Read® Talking Browser now.


Webmasters, if you have a site you'd like the Talking Browser to work with, click here for more information.



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